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North Wales Championships

On Friday 7th September we held the North Wales Levels and Challenge Cup Championships at Deeside. The competition featured the highest level artistic gymnasts we have in the area. It is super exciting for our club to be stepping up and competing at this level, with 6 of our gymnasts taking part.

Overall we had a fantastic competition with lots of placings individually and as a team.

Congratulations to...

Amelia Wade Jones - Level 4 (Age 10) North Wales Champion

Molly Keenan - Level 4 (Age 12+) North Wales Champion

Lily Jenkins - Level 3 (Age 14+) 2nd Overall

Isy Blackwell, Cora Desmond, Hannah Lawrence - Level 4 (10/11) Team Silver

and lots of individual placings on each apparatus too!

Also a big thank you to...

Zoe for doing the door

Katie for doing the music

Emma and Joy for judging

Clare, Megan and Rachel for coaching

We would like to wish all of our Level 4 and 3 gymnasts a massive good luck at the Welsh Levels Championships in Cardiff at the end of the month. We are so proud of you all for your hard work and commitment to get to this level. Well done girls!

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