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North Wales Levels

This weekend we hosted the North Area Levels 7,6 and 5 championships. One of our biggest competitions of the year saw almost 200 gymnasts compete at Deeside Gymnastics Acadmey. It was a very successful competetition for Deeside with lots of great performances and medals won...

Level 7

Arla 5th on vault and 3rd on beam

Level 6 - 8 yrs

Daisy 2nd vault

Seren 4th beam

Katie 6th floor

Level 6 - 9 yrs

Ciara 5th beam, 5th bars, 1st vault, 2nd overall

Molly 2nd vault, 2nd floor, 3rd beam, 3rd overall

Deryn 5th floor, 6th overall

Team Gold 🥇

Level 6 - 10/11 yrs

Ellie 2nd vault

Darcey 5th vault, 3rd bars, 2nd beam, 2nd floor, 2nd overall

Isabel 2nd bars, 1st floor, 5th overall

Team Silver 🥈

Level 6 - 12 +

Ruby 4th beam

Libby 1st vault

Imogen 3rd vault, 5th bars, 6th beam, 4th overall

Paige 4th vault, 3rd beam, 6th overall

Team Silver 🥈

Level 5 - 8/9 yrs

Phoebe 2nd vault, 1st bars, 5th beam, 2nd floor, 1st overall

Level 5 - 10/11 yrs

Ffion 5th bars

Hermione 4th vault, 3rd beam

Emily 2nd vault, 5th bars, 3rd floor, 5th overall

Megan 1st vault, 5th bars, 1st floor, 1st overall

Team Gold 🥇

Level 5 - 12 +

JJ 2nd bars, 5th floor

We would like to say a huge congratulations to our 8 gymnasts who finished in the top 5 overall and have therefore qualified to represent the North Area at the Welsh finals in Cardiff!