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North Wales Levels

This weekend we hosted the North Area Levels 7,6 and 5 championships. One of our biggest competitions of the year saw almost 200 gymnasts compete at Deeside Gymnastics Acadmey. It was a very successful competetition for Deeside with lots of great performances and medals won...

Level 7

Arla 5th on vault and 3rd on beam

Level 6 - 8 yrs

Daisy 2nd vault

Seren 4th beam

Katie 6th floor

Level 6 - 9 yrs

Ciara 5th beam, 5th bars, 1st vault, 2nd overall

Molly 2nd vault, 2nd floor, 3rd beam, 3rd overall

Deryn 5th floor, 6th overall

Team Gold 🥇

Level 6 - 10/11 yrs

Ellie 2nd vault

Darcey 5th vault, 3rd bars, 2nd beam, 2nd floor, 2nd overall

Isabel 2nd bars, 1st floor, 5th overall

Team Silver 🥈

Level 6 - 12 +

Ruby 4th beam

Libby 1st vault

Imogen 3rd vault, 5th bars, 6th beam, 4th overall

Paige 4th vault, 3rd beam, 6th overall

Team Silver 🥈

Level 5 - 8/9 yrs

Phoebe 2nd vault, 1st bars, 5th beam, 2nd floor, 1st overall

Level 5 - 10/11 yrs

Ffion 5th bars

Hermione 4th vault, 3rd beam

Emily 2nd vault, 5th bars, 3rd floor, 5th overall

Megan 1st vault, 5th bars, 1st floor, 1st overall

Team Gold 🥇

Level 5 - 12 +

JJ 2nd bars, 5th floor

We would like to say a huge congratulations to our 8 gymnasts who finished in the top 5 overall and have therefore qualified to represent the North Area at the Welsh finals in Cardiff!

Molly Bowles

Ciara Evanson

Darcey Fay

Isabel May Roberts

Phoebe Bates

Imogen Whitely

Emily Rudd

Megan Bailey

Also well done and congratulations to Rachel, Jayne and Emma who will be coaching for North Wales!

We wish you all a massive good luck in the finals at the end of the month!

A huge thank you to all the coaches, judges and volunteers that helped make the competition as successful as it was! We really couldn’t have done without you.

Another fantastic weekend for #TeamDeeside 👏🎉🌟

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