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Grays Invitational

We had a fantastic day at Grays Invitational competition on December 2nd. we had some amazing results throughout all the age groups and levels.

Congratualtions to...

6/7 years Level 1

Mair 6th, Kacey 4th overall

6/7 years Level 2...

Gracie 6th, Roxanne 4th, Isabelle 3rd overall

8/9 years Level 1...

Nisrine 6th, Amelia 5th overall

8/9 Level 2...

Holly 6th, Darcey 5th, Emmie 4th, Esme 2nd, Seren 1st overall

10/11 Level 1...

Caitlyn 6th, Faith 3rd, Taylor 2nd, Ruby 1st overall

10/11 Level 2...

Poppy 4th, Katie 3rd, Sydney 1st overall

12+ Level 1...

Nyree 1st overall

12+ Level 2...

Poppy 4th, Emma 5th, Grace 6th overall

We also had lots of individual placings on each piece of apparatus!

Huge well done and thank you to our coaches Morgan, Georgia and Rosie. Thank you to our judges Katie, Caren, Leanne and JJ and Tara We couldn’t do it without you all.

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