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Saturday 23rd June was a big day for Deeside Gymnastics Academy as we held our 'Grand Opening Ceremony' to celebrate the official opening of our own facility.

After years of planning and fundraising we finally moved into our very own dedicated gymnastics facility in July 2017. We had been training in the sports hall of Deeside Leisure Centre for many years, having to set up and tidy away all of our equipment for each of our sessions. After a huge team effort from all the coaches, parents and volunteers to get the gym ready for our gymnasts, the doors were opened to our new home and we officially became Deeside Gymnastics Academy.

Almost 1 year later we are celebrating our 1st anniversary and the official opening of our gym. Local councillors, sponsors, fundraisers, volunteers and more were invited into the gym to celebrate the opening with our coaches and gymnasts.

During the event some of our competitive squad gymnasts performed a fantastic display which they had been working super hard on for weeks along side their training. After the display a ribbon was presented by the gymnasts, which was cut by Deeside's head coach Ernie Cookson and his coach Mr Gratton to officially open our gym!

Later in the evening was the after party, where all of our gymnasts, coaches and their families were invited to celebrate the opening. It was great to see everyone together, all dressed up and out of their leotards and tracksuits. There was lots of dancing and of course some gymnastics on the dance floor, even including a musical handstands competition.

The whole day was a huge success! A massive thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate with us! We had lots of fun and made even more memories for Deeside Gymnastics Academy!

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