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Grades 2019

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Back in February the North Wales Regional Grades competition was held at Deeside. Lots of members of our competition squad took part in an aim to pass their grade. The weekend started with our grade 6's taking their first ever grade. The girls had worked super hard to prepare for the competition and performed some fabulous routines!

Congratulations to the following gymnasts who placed on individual pieces and a big well done to Kita and Isabelle for finishing in 6th and 7th place overall.

In age...

Arla - 2nd beam, 4th range Isabelle - 3rd vault, 4th beam, 6th range Kita - 1st beam, 4th floor, 6th overall

Out of age...

Vault - Emmie & Esme 5th, Holly 3rd, Beau 2nd, Hayley 1st Bars - Beau 6th, Hayley 5th, Emmie 4th, Esme 3rd Beam - Beau 6th, Holly 5th, Hayley 3rd, Emmie 1st Floor - Esme 6th, Beau 3rd, Holly 2nd, Hayley 1st Range - Beau 6th, Holly 5th, Esme 4th, Emmie 1st Overall - Beau 6th, Esme 5th, Holly 4th, Emmie 2nd

Next up was our Grade 5s, Seren, Daisy and Katie. These girls performed some beautiful routines and all passed their grade with a highly commended. All 3 also managed to gain placements on individual pieces. Well done to Katie placing 6th on floor, Daisy 2nd on bars and 3rd on floor and Seren becoming floor champion!

We also had some fantastic results for our Regional Grade 4s! Well done to the following gymnasts who gained individual placements and a special congratulations to Phoebe Bates who placed 3rd overall and qualified to represent North Wales in the Welsh finals in Llanelli!

In age...

Vault - Sophie 2nd, Ciara 1st Bars - Phoebe 6th Beam - Seren 6th, Sian 3rd Floor - Hannah & Ciara 3rd, Phoebe 1st Range - Phoebe 3rd, Hannah 1st Overall - Phoebe 3rd

Out of age...

Vault - Emilija 3rd, Darcey 2nd, Imogen 1st Bars - Imogen 5th, Darcey 4th, Molly 2nd Beam - Molly 6th, Emilija 5th, Imogen 3rd, Darcey 2nd Floor - Darcey & Ellie 2nd, Imogen 1st Range - Ellie 6th, Katie &Darcey 2nd Overall - Emilija 5th, Imogen 4th, Darcey 1st

Our Regional 3's and 2's took part in this competition as a rehearsal for their grades competition in Llanelli. Again we had some fantastic results gaining individual apparatus awards and overall placements too.

Regional 3...

Vault - Libby 6th Bars - Hermione 6th, Ffion 5th, Keisa 1st Beam - Libby 5th, Ffion 3rd Floor - Ffion 6th Range - Isabel 4th, Hermione 1st Overall - Ffion 5th, Hermione 4th

Regional 2...

Vault - Mia 6th, Paige 4th, JJ 3rd, Isy 1st Bars - Emily 5th, Isy 4th Beam - Lilly 6th, Isy 1st Floor - Lilly 6th, JJ 5th, Isy 4th, Emily 3rd Range - Emily 3rd, Ella 1st Overall - JJ 6th, Emily 4th, Isy 1st

This was a great preparation for the girls who had to travel down to Llanelli to take their grade, competing against gymnasts from across Wales. This competition took place over last weekend and again we came back with some amazing results. All of our gymnasts passed their grades and we even had some overall placements....

Huge congratulations to Keisa placing 4th overall in Regional Grade 3 our of 78 gymnasts! And to Isy placing 6th and JJ placing 3rd overall in Regional grade 2 out of 50 gymnasts!

We are extremely proud of all of our gymnasts and incredibly pleased to say that we have a 100% pass rate for our regional grades this year! Amazing work from all our gymnasts and coaches. Well done Team Deeside!

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